Here you go, that's most of the talks I've been giving in the past few years... Or at least the ones that were recorded. What I'm interested in and talking most about at the moment is cyberfeminism and Joan Tronto's ethics of care.

In September 2020 Intervention at Matrix's 6th Open Tech Will Save Us OTWSU#6

Some thoughts on moderation and censorship in a decentralised world

In January 2020 Chroniques Queer podcast

A french podcast documenting queer history

In December 2019 Feminist Perspectives panel at #35c3

On inclusive and diverse spaces and communities

In June 2018 Zine : « Les garçons délicats »
Collection of short stories on trans masculinities

In May 2018 Opinion column on La Quadrature Du Net's websiteLQDN
On digital labour and women's work

In May 2018 Conference at Le Point Culture, Bruxelles

On creating a hackerspace, care practices and cyberfeminism

In March 2018 Round Table at Les Jeudis de la Sorbonne

"Dark & Deep : Web, Liberté et Surveillance" (recording coming soon)

In January 2018 Interactive documentary Hackerlab

On hacktivism

In July 2017 Radio interview with Langues de Fronde

On the reappropriation of "masculine" knowledge

In July 2017 Conference at PSES2017

On creating a hackerspace, care practices and cyberfeminism

In december 2016 Lightning Talk at #33c3

On the feminist hackerspace Le Reset

In June 2016 Role-play conference at POOP#3
Dealing with violence inside our communities: A case study

In June 2015 Conference at POOP#2
A feminist view on censorship

In December 2013 Contribution to Transkind n°6
On medical health for trans people

In 2013 Final Thesis
« A comparison of use and recommendations of Gmail and self-hosted email systems »