Revamp of the psychology practice's website.

Objectives :

  • Making relevant information more accessible,
  • Displaying more details on practicians and therapeutic practices to reassure patients,
  • Reaching better search engine optimization.

Work :

  • Brainstorming and discussion with the practice's team,
  • Website creation : interface design, UX, code (html/css),
  • Corporate identity conception for print concepts : business cards, letterheads, invoices, ...

Access information to the office are placed at the top, together with a map of the neighbourhood. That is ideal to facilitate access at a glance when lost on one's way.

Each practician is diplayed with their name, specialty and a short introduction.

Each practician has a page with their contact details and a description of their practice.

The website is clean, spacious and reproduces simple navigation patterns to pacify the stress and anxiety of people consulting it.

Responsive, the website adapts to mobile devices, presenting access information before the scroll to allow easy access when a person is on their way there.

For each page, important information is bring to the top (practicians' names, contact details, ...), while details remain accessible with scrolling.