Design of the Memopol v2.0 project from La Quadrature du Net. This is a currently ongoing project.

Objectives :

  • Sorting, organizing and schematizing information to make it accessible at a glance,
  • Meet the different uses of the platform,
  • Facilitate interactions to encourage the participation in La Quadrature's campaigns and the actualization of the database.

Work :

  • Brainstorming and discussion with the community workers to define their usages of the tool,
  • Interface design and UX conception (mockups and wireframes),
  • Participation to the integration (html/css) with a team of front-end developpers.

An important work of usages identification was carried out in advance, through brainstormings and user interviews.

Citizen looking into a case or a parlementarian according to news items.

Journalist or researcher working on an investigative article.

Activist intervening in appeal to members of the parliement.

The navigation tool on the left diplays both direct links and the possibility for a more complex search.

The possibility to add a contribution (retranscription of a vote or a public intervention of a member of the paliement) was added to simplify and encourage data updates.

A huge work of redefinition of sorting categories of parlementarians and cases was carried out to clarify the database organisation.

To allow a quick identification of parliementarians, further work should be carried out on iconography and symbolism. Different solutions are in review, including summary logos for the mandates, "trophees" badges attributed to parliementarians according to their proposals, ...

To meet the different uses of the platform, a specific care was taken to render the website accessible on multiple devices.

For mobile versions, the most important information are preselected. Moreover, the details for each case or paliementarian were distributed amond different tabs, loading only when displayed, to avoid downloading to much data over mobile networks.

Each page was made to allow a plain and understandable default print version, summarizing the main information on an A4 page.