The french vegan caterer Martin Persil needed a new website to boost his activity. This is a currently ongoing project.

Objectives :

  • Showcase the caterer's work,
  • Focus on the vegan argument, the caterer's key selling point,
  • Reach out to a wide variety of clients : from music festivals to wedding.

Work :

  • Teamwork on project definition and organization,
  • Wording and composition,
  • Website creation : interface design, UX, code (html/css).

Martin Persil was created in 2014 and has been using a wordpress website that the founder created himself, with a showcase of pictures he took as he was doing prestations for his first clients. After 3 years of activity, the entrepreuneur wanted to give a fresh look to his website, to reflect his savoir-faire and improve his communication to the level of the competition.

The project started with a wide benchmarking of the industry, before being able to sketch ideas and finally propose some designs. A photographer and an illustrator produced visuals and graphic elements to integrate in the design.

The combination of a sober design and cute illustrations allowed to convey the idea that a vegan caterer can be both professional and friendly. The green palette and well-groomed pictures placed the food at the center of the discussion from above the fold.

The website is all on one page, and a thourough work has been done on evaluating the necessary information to rewrite and synthetize the body copy.

Information is reordered and synthetized on mobile, illustrations are more discreet and contact information are placed on the top. People don't choose a caterer for their wedding on mobile, but they sure need to find their number in a rush to plan the last emergency details 48 hours before the big day.