Le Reset is a Paris based queer feminist hackerspace : a space to hack and learn about information technologies. It hosts several spaces, workshops and conferences to share technological knowledge and expertise.

Objectives :

  • Presenting all information and detailing the activities of the organization,
  • Emphasizing on inclusivity and accessibility, to make women and queer people feel safe,
  • All while keeping a « geek » aesthetic.

Work :

  • Teamwork on corporate identity conception : logo, style guide, ...,
  • Website creation : interface design, UX, code (html/css, bootstrap), easter eggs,
  • Several print projects.

The corporate identity is based on geometrical shapes and the yellow color that bring out the architecture of the Lelong building in former hospital Saint Vincent de Paul, which was originally supposed to host the hackerspace. The Lelong building The location changed, but the team intended to keep the style guide as a reminder of the history of the hackerspace creation.

The planning displays complexity levels as stars to allow people to evaluate their own skills.

Refering to computer sciences traditions, the website hides multiple "easter eggs" that appear on hover.

Animations are kept simple and in complementary colors, not to trouble the eye.

The website is entirely built with CSS. There is no JavaScript, to avoid security issues and.. add up some challenge !

In mobile format, the bloc architecture and animations are kept, and adapted to the size of the screen.

The website adapts to one, two or three columns depending on the screen size.

The text blocs re-structure themselves to display the most important pieces of information at the top on mobiles, and to the center on a bigger screen.