The project #WomenInScience for Le Reset's Science Week was a paper chase in the center of Paris in october 2017, to highlight women in the history of science.

Objectives :

  • Make people discover new trivia on women and science,
  • Engage participation to the paper chase,
  • Animate the community on social networks.

Work :

  • Teamwork on project definition and organization,
  • Website creation : interface design, UX, code (html/css, bootstrap, php),
  • Posters design and content.

As most people would discover the game randomly, by flashing a QRcodes located in the streets of Paris, we had to focus on making every step of the discovery both teasing and very clear on the next steps to follow. All information is hierachised to allow people to understand every important data (location, dates, rules, ...) right away.

The paper chase map was placed at the top, to make it accessible at first glance. It also allows to understand right away the concept of the paper chase, the area in which it is set, and the next place to visit to find another scientist.

For every page, we tried offering the most necessary information at the top, followed by a short summary of the page, and then the complete biography of the scientist, so that people reading on mobile phones would keep on being interested and would'nt have to scroll down to find relevant information.

Every poster displayed the principal information for each female scientist, with a short biography and the rules of the chase so people could play even without using a smartphone.

Over 50 posters were placed in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. People sent pictures of the posters on social networks, with hashtags, comments and eventually... corrections.