A long time ago (was it 2010 ?) I was a treasurer in a french non-profit organisation, trying to pass on never-ending spreadsheets filled with numbers. As no one was ever looking at it, I decided to translate them into charts. Those were ugly, pixelated charts, full of PowerPoint effects such as bad 3D and pre-defined gold gradients. And yet, people started understanding the financial situation of the organisation. That's when it hit me : I knew what I wanted to do. I want to make information accessible : obvious to find, painless to look at, ready to be understood at a glance, and straightforward.

Time has passed, and I won't show you those aweful charts from the beginings, but you'll find below some of my most recent work. For each of those I have worked, on my own or within a team, on branding, user experiences, interfaces, front-end integration and prints.